Penn Station


The main concourse at Penn Station operates 24/7, while individual lounges and ticket kiosks may have varying hours.


Arrive at least 45 minutes prior to departure if you’re checking baggage or need ticketing/passenger assistance

Rail Service

Three train services operate out of Penn Station: Amtrak, Long Island Rail Road, and New Jersey Transit.

PATH Access

Penn Station connects to the PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) system, offering transit to New Jersey and Lower Manhattan.

Subway Access

The station is served by the A, C, E, 1, 2, 3 and 7 lines.

Bus Drop-Off

Penn Station is serviced by numerous bus lines, including M34, M34A-SBS, M4, M7, M20, M34-SBS, M55, Q32, and many others.

Penn Station: Gateway to New York City and Beyond

Explore the Heart of Manhattan’s Transportation Network, Connecting You to the World.


4, Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, New York, 10001

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Getting There

Penn Station is located in Midtown Manhattan, beneath Madison Square Garden, between 7th and 8th Avenues and 31st and 33rd Streets.


4, Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, New York, 10001

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Penn Station, officially known as Pennsylvania Station, is one of New York City’s major transportation hubs. It is a bustling transportation hub located beneath Madison Square Garden in Midtown Manhattan.  Serving millions of passengers each year, it provides access to various modes of transportation, including but not limited to intercity and commuter rail. It’s a key center for Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, and the Long Island Rail Road, and it also connects with various New York City Subway lines. Here’s a complete guide to help you navigate Penn Station:

Transportation Links

Penn Station serves as a hub for the following services:

  • Amtrak: National rail service offering connections to destinations across the United States.
  • New Jersey Transit (NJT): Commuter rail service linking New York with neighboring New Jersey communities.
  • Long Island Rail Road (LIRR): Commuter rail service connecting New York City with communities on Long Island.
  • New York City Subway: The station is served by the A, C, E, 1, 2, and 3 lines.
Layout and Navigation

Penn Station is a large and often crowded facility. It’s divided into several levels with different areas for Amtrak, NJT, and LIRR:

  • Amtrak: Located on the upper level with ticket counters, waiting areas, and boarding gates.
  • NJT: Also has facilities on the upper level, with ticket machines and information boards.
  • LIRR: Primarily located on the lower level, with ticket windows, a waiting area, and access to trains.

Penn Station is equipped with ramps, elevators, and tactile warning strips for travelers with disabilities. Service animals are permitted, and there are designated waiting areas and restrooms for passengers needing assistance.

Facilities and Services

Penn Station offers a range of facilities:

  • Waiting Areas: Each transit service provides waiting areas with seating. Amtrak also offers a lounge for passengers with first-class tickets or high-tier loyalty status.
  • Restrooms: Public restrooms are available throughout the station.
  • Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is provided in certain areas.
  • Baggage Services: Amtrak offers baggage check services for its passengers.


  • Dining: Penn Station offers a variety of dining options, from fast food to sit-down restaurants, catering to the diverse tastes of commuters and travelers.
  • Shopping: While primarily focused on transportation, Penn Station features a range of convenience stores, newsstands, and boutiques for travelers’ needs.
  • Events: Adjacent to Madison Square Garden, Penn Station provides easy access to concerts, sporting events, and other entertainment options.

Tips for Penn Station Travelers

  • Peak Hours: The station can get extremely crowded during peak commuting hours. Allow extra time to navigate through the crowds.
  • Navigation: Penn Station can be crowded and complex, so familiarize yourself with the layout and signage to navigate efficiently. Consider using a navigation app specifically designed for transit systems to find your way around more efficiently.
  • Connections: If transferring between different modes of transportation, allow ample time, especially during peak travel periods.
  • Security: Be mindful of security procedures and regulations, particularly when traveling with luggage or entering restricted areas.
  • Information Desks: If you’re lost or need assistance, seek out an information desk or a station employee.

Future Development at Penn Station

Penn Station is undergoing significant renovations and redevelopment to modernize facilities and improve passenger experience. This includes the construction of the Moynihan Train Hall, which expands the station’s capacity and offers new amenities.

Penn Station remains a vital artery of transportation in New York City, connecting millions of people to their destinations each year. Whether you’re commuting to work, embarking on a cross-country journey, or attending a major event, Penn Station stands ready to facilitate your travels with efficiency and convenience.

  • Hub for Amtrak, NJ Transit, LIRR, and NYC Subway
  • 24/7 operation with varied lounge and kiosk hours
  • Connected to PATH system for travel to New Jersey and Lower Manhattan
  • Renovations underway for enhanced facilities and passenger experience
  • Accessibility features including ramps, elevators, and tactile warning strips