5 Must-Try New York City Tours And Sightseeing Packages

Must-See New York City Tours And Sightseeing Packages

Steeped in history, culture, and diversity, New York City – the city that never sleeps – comes alive with every step you take. Be it the soaring skylines, iconic landmarks, or cultural hotspots, the city vibrates with an intoxicating energy. As you traverse through its beautiful lanes, the sound of jazz wafting out from underground clubs, the inviting smell of street food carts, and the tribute to humanity at ground zero all paint a unique portrait of this vibrant city.

New York City tour packages by Visit NYC provide an intimate journey through this fascinating city. Experience the city’s unique charm and character as you explore its enchanting neighborhoods, bustling markets, and unforgettable attractions. At Visit NYC, we appreciate and understand the importance of experiencing a city beyond its tourist hotspots.

All-access Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour

Statue of Liberty and tourist ship ferry in New York City

Statue of Liberty and tourist ship ferry in New York City


The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are enduring symbols of America’s heritage. An all-access tour to these iconic landmarks offers more than just a glimpse into the country’s past; it provides a deep dive into the tales of hope, dreams, and the spirit of freedom that shaped America. With an expert guide leading the way, visitors will explore not just the surface but the very essence of what these symbols stand for.

These tours go beyond basic sightseeing. They are journeys that transport you back in time, letting you walk in the footsteps of millions who came seeking a new beginning. As you stand before the Statue of Liberty, a sense of connection to the past and hope for the future envelops you. Meanwhile, Ellis Island invites you to trace your ancestors’ steps, understanding the diverse narratives that wove the American social fabric.


Central Park Guided Walking Tour

People walking in a group in Central Park for sightseeing

People walking in a group in Central Park for sightseeing


Central Park, a verdant oasis amidst the concrete jungle, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural history. A guided walking tour of Central Park is a stroll and an exposition into New York City’s heart. With stories around every corner, from the intricate design of Bethesda Terrace to the serene beauty of The Ramble, the park reveals itself as a character in New York’s story.

These guided tours offer more than just facts; they present a narrative of how Central Park has witnessed and participated in the city’s evolution. Through tales of bygone eras, visitors learn how the park’s design and purpose have morphed over time, reflecting and shaping the community’s needs and desires.


New York Pass: Empire State Building and 100+ Attractions

Low angle view of the Empire State Building

Low-angle view of the Empire State Building


The Empire State Building, a towering symbol of ambition and innovation, dominates New York’s skyline. Additional 100 attractions of other architectural marvels open doors to breathtaking views and remarkable stories of its construction during the Great Depression. This tour is a journey to the heights of human achievement, offering panoramic views of New York City and beyond.

On this tour, visitors are treated to more than just scenic vistas; they are given a narrative of resilience and aspiration. With special access and insights, the Empire State Building’s story unfolds, from its conception to its role in New York’s identity. It’s not just an observatory visit; it’s an elevation to the pinnacle of New York City’s indomitable spirit.


NYC Food Tour of the Best Local Delicacies

From a Walking Food Tour of Greenwich Village

From a Walking Food Tour of Greenwich Village


New York’s multicultural heritage and vibrant food scene make it a paradise for food lovers. Set out to taste the city’s best local delicacies with an NYC Food tour. These tours take you beyond the flashy eateries and guide you to hidden culinary gems scattered across New York’s bustling neighborhoods. They offer a spectrum of delicious experiences, ranging from tastes of rich international cultures to locally-inspired dishes.

These food tours allow you to indulge your senses with a virtual flavors banquet that celebrates New York’s culinary diversity. With knowledgeable guides leading the way, they introduce you to traditional foods and fusion delicacies, each with its unique story.


Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour

Bicyclist heading to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge in morning light with blue sky and wispy clouds

Bicyclist heading to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge in morning light with blue sky and wispy clouds


The iconic Brooklyn Bridge has long been a symbol of connection in New York City. Embark on a Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour for a unique perspective of the city’s beauty. This tour allows you to pedal through scenic routes, experience panoramic vistas, and enjoy a breezy ride on one of the world’s most famous bridges.

The bike tours are not just healthy and eco-friendly; they’re also immersive and a learning opportunity. The routes trace paths teeming with stories, from the city’s rich architectural history to narratives of evolution and growth. As you cycle over the Brooklyn Bridge, watching the skyline, a sense of urban awe befalls you, making the tour an activity that imprints lasting memories.


Your Ticket to the Best of Broadway

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Lose yourself in the magic of Broadway with discounted Broadway tickets from Visit NYC. We offer exciting deals on tickets, giving you a chance to witness some of the greatest performers from across the globe in action, all at an affordable price. Experience theatre like never before as you become a part of the thrilling journey filled with raw emotions, captivating storytelling, and stellar performances.