Handicapped sign on Subway Reserved for Wheel Chair NYC

Navigating NYC with Accessibility in Mind

Discovering the vibrant city of New York is made easier with this comprehensive guide to accessible and wheelchair-friendly travel options. From iconic yellow taxis to the extensive subway system, finding your way around the Big Apple is accessible to everyone.

Accessible Transport in NYC New York City

Travelers with mobility requirements and other accessibility needs will find a multitude of accessible facilities and services across all modes of transportation in the city. Plan your journey with handy maps and explore the accessibility features that New York City has to offer.


The New York City subway system offers accessibility features at many stations, including elevators, ramps, and designated accessible pathways. While not all stations are fully accessible, many have been renovated to provide step-free access. Utilize the MTA’s accessibility tools to plan your journey, including accessible station maps and real-time elevator status updates.

Additionally, subway cars are equipped with priority seating areas for passengers with disabilities. Riders can request assistance from station personnel if needed. Service animals are permitted throughout the subway system.

MTA Buses

NYC buses are wheelchair accessible, featuring low-floor designs and retractable ramps for easy boarding. Priority seating is available for passengers with disabilities, and service animals are permitted onboard. The MTA’s Bus Time app provides real-time bus locations and accessibility information for each route.


For door-to-door transportation services, Access-A-Ride offers paratransit service for individuals with disabilities who are unable to use the subway or bus. Advanced reservations are required for this service.

NYC Ferry

Explore New York City’s waterfront via NYC Ferry, which offers wheelchair-accessible docks and vessels. Assistance is available for boarding and disembarking, and service animals are welcome onboard.

Taxicabs and Ride-Sharing Services

Many taxicabs and ride-sharing vehicles in NYC are equipped to accommodate passengers with disabilities, featuring wheelchair ramps and other accessibility features. Service animals are permitted, and drivers are trained to assist passengers with mobility needs. The city offers a fleet of accessible taxis that can be hailed through the Accessible Dispatch Program, allowing for pickups anywhere in the five boroughs. You can call to request a yellow taxi – Call 311 or 646-599-9999 or use the curb app.

Attraction Accessibility

From the tranquil landscapes of Central Park to the dazzling performances on Broadway, the city offers a wealth of experiences designed to accommodate visitors of all abilities.

Parks and Recreation Areas

New York City parks, including Central Park, have accessible paths, restrooms, and recreational facilities. At Central Park, wheelchair rentals are available for exploring the park’s scenic landscapes. The High Line is also wheelchair accessible, offering elevator access at certain points.

Broadway Accessibility

For theatre enthusiasts, Broadway offers accessibility accommodations at many venues, including wheelchair seating, assistive listening devices, and captioning services. Contact individual theatres for specific accessibility information and reservations.

NYC Museums and Attractions

Many museums and attractions throughout NYC are wheelchair accessible, offering ramp access, elevators, and accessible restrooms. Check with each venue for accessibility details and accommodations. Many even offer wheelchair rentals.

Accessible Dining and Accommodations

NYC’s diverse culinary scene offers many wheelchair-accessible restaurants and dining options. However, due to the city’s historic buildings, some venues may have limitations. It’s good practice to call ahead and confirm accessibility, including entrance access, restrooms, and seating arrangements.

Additionally, hotels and accommodations throughout the city provide accessibility features and accommodations for guests with disabilities.

  • Hotels: Many hotels in NYC are equipped with accessible rooms and facilities. It's recommended to book well in advance and confirm specific accessibility features, such as roll-in showers and door widths, directly with the hotel.
  • Short-term Rentals: Websites like Airbnb and VRBO also list accessible accommodations, but again, verify the specific features with the host before booking.

Travel Assistance in NYC

The city offers various services and assistance for visitors with disabilities, including information lines and accessibility guides.

MTA Assistance

MTA personnel are available to assist passengers with disabilities at subway stations and bus stops. Riders can request assistance from station agents or bus operators as needed.

NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission

For assistance with taxicabs and information on accessible transportation options in NYC, contact the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

NYC Fares and Discounts for Travellers with Disabilities

  • Travelers with disabilities may be eligible for discounted fares on NYC public transportation:
  • NYC Transit offers reduced fares for individuals with disabilities through the Reduced-Fare MetroCard program.
  • Access-A-Ride provides discounted fares for eligible passengers.
  • Many attractions and cultural institutions in NYC offer discounted or free admission for visitors with disabilities. Check with individual venues for accessibility information and discounts.

Tips for Visiting

  • Plan Ahead: Research and plan your itinerary, considering the accessibility of the places you intend to visit.
  • Apps and Resources: Utilize apps and websites dedicated to accessibility, such as Wheelmap, to find and rate accessible locations.
  • Visitor Information Centers: NYC’s visitor centers can provide additional information on accessibility and services for travelers with disabilities.

Exploring New York City is an exciting experience for everyone, and with its accessible transportation options and accommodations, the city welcomes visitors of all abilities to discover its vibrant culture, attractions, and landmarks.