Socrates Sculpture Park


Socrates is open 365 days a year from 9AM — sunset.


All ages are free!


The Park has a handicap-accessible parking spot at our main entrance and a paved path around the perimeter of the lawn. At certain events we deploy wheel-chair accessible mobi-mats and offer headphones for assisted hearing.

Explore Socrates Sculpture Park, where art meets nature in NYC. Discover sculptures and community events at this waterfront destination.


32-01, Vernon Boulevard, New York, 11106

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(718) 956 1819

Getting There

Take the N/W train to the Broadway station* in Queens and walk eight blocks west on Broadway to the intersection of Vernon Boulevard. Check the MTA’s website for updates on train service.

Take the Q103 or Q104 to Broadway and Vernon Boulevard. Take the Q69 or Q100X to Broadway and 21st Street. Check the MTA’s website for updates on bus service.


32-01, Vernon Boulevard, New York, 11106

Get Directions

Socrates Sculpture Park, located along the East River shoreline in Long Island City, New York City, is a vibrant outdoor museum and community area that combines art, nature, and public involvement. Established in 1986 on a former landfill, the park has evolved into a thriving cultural hub, displaying modern artwork against the background of Manhattan’s cityscape.


A Haven for Creativity

Nestled across a sprawling five-acre expanse, this park stands as a testament to artistic ingenuity. Its rotating ensemble of avant-garde works, spanning towering metal edifices to intricate installations, sparks dialogue and introspection. Visitors are beckoned to engage with art’s transformative power in an accessible, open-air sanctuary.


Fostering Creativity and Connection

Beyond its role as an exhibition space, Socrates Sculpture Park catalyzes community engagement and cultural exchange. The park hosts a diverse array of events, including outdoor film screenings, live performances, educational programs, and artist residencies, fostering creativity and connection among residents and visitors alike.

These initiatives not only enrich the cultural landscape but also create opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among artists and community members. Through its vibrant programming, Socrates Sculpture Park cultivates a sense of belonging and inspires individuals to explore their creativity while fostering meaningful connections with others.


Discovering Inspiration at Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture Park, nestled among the busy streets of New York City, entices visitors with its lush appeal and stunning artwork. Stroll along its pathways, surrounded by lush foliage, as thought-provoking sculptures dot the environment, prompting reflection and sparking conversation.

Accept the peacefulness of waterfront vistas, which create a peaceful backdrop to the tremendous energy of artistic expression. Here, artists push the boundaries of traditional art genres, converting the park into an ever-changing canvas of invention and inspiration.


Socrates Sculpture Park is Where Art Meets Community

Socrates Sculpture Park stands as a vibrant testament to the fusion of art, nature, and community engagement. From its humble origins on a former landfill, it has blossomed into a dynamic cultural haven, inspiring creativity, fostering connections, and inviting all to partake in the transformative power of artistic expression amidst the bustling energy of New York City.


  • Art beneath the sky: Socrates Sculpture Park in New York City, where creativity meets nature.
  • Socrates Sculpture Park offers opportunities for community, creativity, and connection.
  • Explore Queens’ quiet jewel, an urban retreat and creative refuge.
  • Capture, share, and appreciate unforgettable moments at Socrates Sculpture Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Park’s founder, visionary sculptor Mark di Suvero, felt the name “Socrates Sculpture Park” was a fitting tribute to the large Greek immigrant community in Astoria. The Park’s logo is a graphic representation of a steel I-beam. di Suvero is well known for incorporating this industrial material – often used as architectural support – into his sculpture practice. The I-beam symbol is also similar to the Chinese character that translates to English as ‘work,’ ‘project,’ or ‘labor,’ – reflecting the grassroots and hardscrabble ethos of the Park.

Dogs are welcome at the Park but MUST REMAIN ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES. Visitors found in violation of this regulation will be fined by the New York City Parks Department. The Park opens at 9 am, there are NO early morning NYC Parks off-leash hours or designated off-leash areas at Socrates Sculpture Park.

You are welcome to picnic in the Park. Please dispose of any waste in the trash containers or compost bins located around the Park’s perimeter. Alcohol is not permitted in the Park. There is no barbecuing allowed at Socrates. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed at Socrates.