Hudson Yards


Hudson Yards welcomes visitors during standard business hours, with specific attraction hours varying.


Tailor your visit to Hudson Yards to explore its innovative spaces, from contemporary art installations to upscale shopping and dining experiences. Spend an hour or the day.


Wheelchair accessible.


Hudson Yards offers something for visitors of all ages.


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Hudson Yards: Where Modernity Meets Manhattan’s Skyline

Discover Cutting-Edge Architecture, Elevated Living, and Urban Innovation at Hudson Yards.

About Hudson Yards

Nestled on Manhattan’s West Side, Hudson Yards stands as a testament to modern urban innovation. This dynamic neighborhood showcases cutting-edge architecture, from the spiral staircase marvel of The Vessel to the versatile cultural space of The Shed. Visitors can explore upscale shopping at The Shops & Restaurants and embrace the elevated lifestyle that defines Hudson Yards. With its accessibility, diverse attractions, and a commitment to redefining the urban experience, Hudson Yards invites all to partake in the future of city living.

  • Innovative Architecture Showcase: Hudson Yards dazzles with avant-garde structures like The Vessel and The Shed, establishing itself as a hub for cutting-edge design and modern urban living.
  • Luxury Lifestyle Destination: Experience upscale shopping, world-class dining, and elevated living at The Shops & Restaurants, creating a luxurious atmosphere that defines the essence of Hudson Yards.
  • Dynamic Cultural Hub: Hudson Yards embraces a vibrant cultural scene, offering visitors access to art installations, performances, and the extension of the iconic High Line park, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and exploration.
  • Accessible Urban Oasis: Situated on Manhattan’s West Side, Hudson Yards is easily accessible, inviting locals and tourists alike to explore its contemporary spaces, public art, and green environments seamlessly.
  • The Vessel: Spiraling Architectural Marvel
  • Culinary Excellence at The Edge
  • Elevated Parks: The High Line Extension
  • Interactive Art at The Shed
  • Retail Paradise: Shopper’s Delight

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore The Vessel, The Shed, and the High Line park extension, each offering unique perspectives on art, architecture, and urban green spaces. Add thrilling adventure to your Hudson Yard visit at The Edge – the highest sky-deck in the western hemisphere. Even more adventurous? City Climb is a heart-pounding adventure that takes urban exploration to new heights by scaling the outside of a skyscraper more than 1200 feet above the ground.

While entry to public spaces is typically free, specific attractions have an associated fee. Check individual attractions for details.

Absolutely! Hudson Yards is conveniently accessible by subway, bus, and the nearby Penn Station, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for visitors.