Brooklyn’s Art Scene Revealed: A Self-Guided Tour

Brooklyn’s Art Scene is a vibrant tapestry of creativity, pulsating through the borough’s streets like an electric current. It is a kaleidoscope of colour and cutting-edge expression. Street artists like Never, who diligently work on legal walls, transform the urban canvas into a living gallery. Once clandestine and unauthorized, the graffiti movement has now blossomed into city-supported showcases, many of which find their home in Brooklyn. As the sun rises, so do the murals, leaving a trail of ephemeral beauty that captivates locals and visitors alike.


Embark on a Journey Through Brooklyn’s Artistic Heart

Iconic view of Dumbo

Iconic view of Dumbo


This self-guided tour, curated for art enthusiasts, unveils a diverse range of art spaces, from established institutions to hidden gems, allowing you to immerse yourself in Brooklyn’s dynamic, creative spirit.


Where History Meets Modernity: Williamsburg

Your adventure begins in Williamsburg, a Brooklyn neighborhood known as a haven for artistic energy.


The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center (WAH Center)

WAH Center, Brooklyn

WAH Center, Brooklyn


Start your journey at the WAH Center, a cultural hub showcasing contemporary art exhibitions and events by local and international artists. Housed in a historic building, the WAH Center fosters a unique dialogue between past and present through artistic expression.

Front Room Gallery: Immerse yourself in a diverse array of contemporary art at the Front Room Gallery. This renowned space champions emerging and established artists, offering a platform for artistic exploration across various mediums.


DUMBO: A Haven for Cutting-Edge Art

Tom Fruin's Stained Glass House

Tom Fruin’s Stained Glass House


Next, venture into DUMBO, a neighborhood transformed from industrial warehouses into a thriving art scene. 

Smack Mellon: Delve into innovative contemporary art at Smack Mellon, an artist-centric space dedicated to nurturing artistic talent through exhibitions, residencies, and public programs.

A.I.R. Gallery: Witness the power of feminist art at the A.I.R. Gallery, a pioneering institution and one of the oldest women’s cooperative galleries in the United States. Experience diverse and groundbreaking works by established and emerging female artists.


Home to Hidden Gems: Gowanus

Graffiti on factory wall at Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn

Graffiti on factory wall at Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn


Gowanus, an emerging artistic hub, offers a unique opportunity to connect with the local art community. 

Gowanus Open Studios (GOS): Participate in this vibrant community event where artists open their studios to the public, offering a unique glimpse into the creative process and fostering a sense of artistic connection. (Held annually in the Fall.)

Trestle Gallery: Discover contemporary art and support emerging artists by exploring the exhibitions and studio spaces at Trestle Gallery.


Bushwick: A Canvas of Urban Expression

Mural art at East Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Mural art at East Williamsburg in Brooklyn


Bushwick is a transformative neighborhood, characterized by its industrial roots juxtaposed with vibrant street art and repurposed warehouses hosting a myriad of artist studios and artisanal cafes.

Bushwick Collective: Immerse yourself in the world of street art by exploring the iconic murals of the Bushwick Collective. Wander through the streets and admire the vibrant and thought-provoking works transforming the urban landscape into an open-air art gallery.

BAMart: Experience the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s (BAM) vibrant art program, BAMart, showcasing innovative exhibitions and installations by contemporary artists across various disciplines.


A Hub for Emerging Talent: Greenpoint

Manhattan Street in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Manhattan Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Greenpoint is a neighborhood known for its blend of classic and contemporary making it the ideal area to discover up-and-coming artists.

Greenpoint Gallery: Discover the works of local artists at Greenpoint Gallery, which hosts weekly art shows, offering a platform for emerging talent and a chance to connect with the local art community.


Bonus Stop: A Space for Experimentation in Red Hook

Old industrial facility in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn

An old industrial facility in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn


Venture beyond Brooklyn’s traditional artistic hubs and discover Pioneer Works in Red Hook. This interdisciplinary cultural center presents thought-provoking exhibitions, performances, and events, often featuring innovative and experimental art forms.


Tips for Your Tour:

  • Check the opening hours and exhibition schedules of the venues before your visit.
  • Explore ongoing art events and openings for unique experiences.
  • Embrace the diverse artistic tapestry of Brooklyn and enjoy your self-guided tour!


Exploring the Artistic Soul of Brooklyn

As you navigate these vibrant spaces and encounter diverse artistic expressions, remember that this is a starting point. Brooklyn’s art scene constantly evolves, so keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems and unexpected encounters with creativity around every corner.