NYC Helicopter Tours: An Aerial View of the Big Apple


Monday – Saturday

9 AM-5 PM



Around 25-30 Minutes


For passengers under 150 lbs, the staff can assist you into the helicopter and will bring your wheelchair to and from the Heliport while you are flying. For passengers over 150 lbs, you must be able to transfer on your own or have someone with you who can assist you up into the helicopter.

Take your visit to New York City to new heights with amazing helicopter tours. Fly high above the city and capture incredible aerial views.


6, East River Piers, New York, New York, 10004

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(212) 361-6060

Getting There

Public transportation can be taken from anywhere in Manhattan using the MTA Subway. You will want to take the R train to the Whitehall stop and walk north past the Staten Island Ferry. We are located in the gray two-story building on the right with the large clock on it. If traveling by taxi please request that your driver take you to the “Downtown Manhattan Heliport” at Pier 6 on the East River. If driving from Manhattan you will want to take the West Side highway 9A south to the FDR tunnel exit (fork left) then after the tunnel immediately exit South Street. The heliport is on your right. Parking is not available at the heliport but there is a cash municipal parking lot at the next exit just west of Pier 11


6, East River Piers, New York, New York, 10004

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Are You Ready To See a Unique View of NYC?

Embarking on a NYC helicopter tour is an exhilarating adventure that promises breathtaking views and unforgettable memories. As you lift off the helipad, the bustling city streets and towering skyscrapers of Manhattan begin to shrink beneath you, offering a perspective of the Big Apple that few get to experience.


Buckle Up and Get Ready To Be Amazed!

First, you’ll glide over the iconic Statue of Liberty, standing tall and proud in the harbor, her torch a beacon of freedom to all. The shimmering waters around Ellis Island and the historical gateway for millions of immigrants provide a poignant moment of reflection on America’s rich mosaic of cultures.

Next, the helicopter sweeps toward the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, a marvel of engineering and a symbol of connectivity. Witnessing the intricate web of cables and the steady flow of traffic from above is a testament to New York’s never-ending pulse.

The tour then takes you along the East River, offering a stunning panorama of the Manhattan skyline. The Empire State Building pierces the sky, a testament to the city’s architectural prowess and enduring spirit. The Chrysler Building, with its Art Deco elegance, and the sleek, modern One World Trade Center, standing as a resilient tribute to hope and renewal, are sights to behold.

As you circle Central Park, the green oasis amid urban sprawl is a reminder of New York’s diversity. The patchwork of paths, ponds, and greenery, framed by the urban jungle, offers a tranquil contrast to the city’s hustle and bustle.

Flying over Midtown, you’re treated to a view of the bustling Times Square, the heart of entertainment and flashing neon lights, before heading towards the Hudson River. The serene waterway, flanked by New Jersey and Manhattan, provides a moment of calm, with the setting sun casting golden hues across the water and the cityscape.

Throughout the tour, your pilot will provide commentary, sharing stories and facts about the city’s landmarks, history, and hidden gems. The thrill of hovering over America’s most iconic city, combined with the awe-inspiring views and the wind rushing past, makes for an unforgettable adventure.


Taking NYC Adventures to New Levels

As the helicopter gently descends back to the helipad, you’re left with a sense of wonder and a newfound appreciation for the incredible city of New York. A helicopter tour is not just a ride; it’s an invitation to witness the energy, beauty, and history of the city from an extraordinary vantage point. It’s an adventure that promises excitement, awe, and the chance to see New York City like never before.

From $245

Frequently Asked Questions

Children of all ages are allowed on helicopter tours. Children under 2 years old can sit on an adult’s lap at no charge but due to FAA regulations, children 2 years old and up must have their own seats.

 Our helicopters seat 5 to 6 passengers plus one pilot and we offer both private and group helicopter tours.

Delays may occur more often during the following periods:

  1. Our busy season is from June through December.
  2. Government air restrictions and high-profile government visits to NYC.
  3. Inclement weather and the next flyable weather day.
  4. Extreme heat, cold or windy days.
  5. Holidays.