Meet The Cast Of The 'Back To The Future' Broadway Show

Meet The Cast Of The ‘Back To The Future’ Broadway Show

The adaptation of the beloved movie “Back to the Future” into a Broadway musical has reignited excitement and nostalgia for fans and new audiences alike. The show, which features a dynamic blend of humor, science fiction, and heartfelt moments, has made a profound impact since its debut. In this article, we will introduce you to the cast of “Back to the Future” on Broadway, giving you a glimpse into the talents who bring this timeless tale to life on stage.

Casey Likes as Marty McFly

Stepping into the sneakers of Marty McFly, Casey Likes leads the cast with a charismatic and energetic performance. Previously known for his role in “Almost Famous,” Likes brings a fresh yet faithful take on the character originally made famous by Michael J. Fox. His portrayal captures the spirit and nuances of Marty, ensuring that both longtime fans and newcomers are drawn into the adventure from the moment he steps on stage.

Roger Bart as Dr. Emmett Brown

Tony Award winner Roger Bart reprises his role as the eccentric and endearing scientist Dr. Emmett Brown, a role he mastered during the West End production. Known for his versatile performances on stage and screen, Bart’s depiction of Doc Brown is both whimsical and wise, delivering the character’s iconic lines with a blend of earnestness and comic timing that resonates with the audience.

Liana Hunt as Lorraine Baines

Liana Hunt portrays Lorraine Baines, Marty’s future mother, whose youthful innocence and complexity are pivotal to the plot’s time-travel twists. Hunt, whose Broadway credits include “Newsies” and “Mamma Mia,” infuses her role with a delightful vibrancy that highlights her strong vocal and acting prowess. Her chemistry with the rest of the cast adds depth to the intricate family dynamics that unfold.

Jelani Remy as Goldie Wilson and Marvin Berry

Jelani Remy, celebrated for his performances in “The Lion King” and “Ain’t Too Proud,” takes on the dual roles of Goldie Wilson and Marvin Berry, showcasing his versatility and strong stage presence. His powerful voice and charismatic stage presence bring a unique vigor to both characters, highlighting the musical’s theme of destiny and change.

Nathaniel Hackmann as Biff Tannen

Nathaniel Hackmann plays the antagonist Biff Tannen, whose bullying and boisterous demeanor create conflict and tension. Known for his roles in “Les Misérables” and “Beauty and the Beast,” Hackmann delivers a performance that perfectly balances menace and humor, making Biff a character you love to hate.

The Ensemble and Supporting Cast

The ensemble of “Back to the Future” includes a talented group of performers who contribute to the show’s dynamic scenes and musical numbers. Notable ensemble members include Amber Ardolino, Will Branner, and Victoria Byrd, among others. Each member brings their unique talents to create the bustling atmosphere of Hill Valley and the intricate dance numbers that captivate audiences.

Creative Team Behind the Magic

The musical’s success is not only due to its stellar cast but also the visionary creative team. The production boasts a book by Bob Gale and vibrant new music and lyrics by Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard, with additional iconic songs from the film. The creative team’s dedication to preserving the story’s original charm while introducing new elements has been crucial in adapting the movie for a live audience.

Meet The Cast Of The 'Back To The Future' Broadway Show


Behind the Scenes with the Production Team

  • Production Design Insights

Tim Hatley, the set and costume designer, brings a visual feast to the stage of “Back to the Future: The Musical.” His designs reflect the dual eras of 1955 and 1985, showcasing a keen eye for detail that enhances the storytelling. Hatley’s work ensures that the audience is visually transported between the two distinct periods seamlessly.

  • Lighting and Sound Magic

Lighting designers Tim Lutkin and Hugh Vanstone collaborate to create an atmosphere that shifts through time. Their use of dynamic lighting effects helps underline key moments in the musical, making the transitions between scenes fluid and striking. Sound designer Gareth Owen complements the visuals with impeccable audio that ensures every line and musical note is heard perfectly.

Choreography and Movement

  • Chris Bailey’s Choreographic Direction

Chris Bailey’s choreography infuses “Back to the Future: The Musical” with energy and precision. His routines pay homage to the iconic dance scenes of the 1980s while introducing fresh movements that resonate with modern audiences. Bailey’s choreography not only entertains but also helps to advance the narrative through dynamic physical storytelling.

  • Ensemble Coordination

The ensemble under Bailey’s direction performs with synchronicity and flair, bringing each scene to life with vibrant energy. Their performances are crucial in scenes depicting the bustling school hallways and the enchanting “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance. The ensemble’s execution of Bailey’s choreography adds depth and excitement to the production.

Music and Lyrics

  • Silvestri and Ballard’s Musical Contributions

Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard’s contributions to the musical score bridge the gap between the original film’s iconic sounds and the theater’s immersive environment. Their new compositions, alongside beloved classics like “The Power of Love,” create a nostalgic yet fresh auditory experience. This musical synergy captures the essence of the “Back to the Future” saga while ensuring it resonates with both new and returning audiences.

  • Iconic Songs and New Hits

The inclusion of hits from the movie, such as “Johnny B. Goode,” alongside new tracks, offers a rich musical repertoire that enhances the storytelling. These songs not only evoke the era’s spirit but also serve to define characters and progress the narrative. The musical diversity from rock and roll to ballads ensures that there is something sonically appealing for every audience member.

Technical Innovations

  • Video and Special Effects

Video designer Finn Ross adds a layer of technological wizardry to “Back to the Future: The Musical” with his innovative visual effects. The projections are particularly pivotal in scenes involving time travel, where the visual spectacle needs to match the high energy and dynamic changes of the storyline. Ross’s work is integral in making the time-travel sequences both believable and visually stunning.

  • Illusions and Props

Illusion designer Chris Fisher and the props team work meticulously to recreate the iconic DeLorean time machine on stage. Their attention to mechanical and visual details ensures that the car is not only a prop but also a pivotal character in the musical. These practical effects are crucial for immersing the audience in the fantastical elements of the story.

Orchestra and Musical Direction

  • Ted Arthur’s Musical Direction

Under the guidance of musical director Ted Arthur, the orchestra brings the complex score of “Back to the Future: The Musical” to life with precision and vigor. Arthur’s direction ensures that the music not only supports the action on stage but also enhances the emotional weight of each scene. His ability to synchronize the live orchestra with the dynamic requirements of the musical numbers is crucial for the show’s success.

  • Orchestral Harmony and Sound

The orchestral arrangements by Ethan Popp and Bryan Crook complement the on-stage performances with rich, layered soundscapes that enhance the musical’s atmosphere. The orchestra’s ability to shift between various musical styles mirrors the time-traveling themes of the show. This harmonic support is vital in maintaining the pace and energy of the performance, ensuring that the audience is fully engaged throughout.

Costume Design and Authenticity

Tim Hatley’s costume designs play a pivotal role in authentically depicting the eras showcased in “Back to the Future: The Musical.” His creations meticulously mirror the fashion trends of both the 1950s and the 1980s, adding a layer of realism and nostalgia that enhances the audience’s connection to the time periods. The attention to detail in the costumes helps to cement the characters’ identities and enriches the visual storytelling.

Community Engagement

The run of “Back to the Future: The Musical” on Broadway has positively impacted local businesses around the theater. Restaurants, shops, and service industries in the vicinity see increased traffic on show days, highlighting the broader economic benefits of a successful Broadway show. This synergy between the arts and local commerce not only boosts the economy but also fosters a vibrant community atmosphere.

Top of Form

A Broadway Show for All Ages

“Back to the Future” on Broadway offers a perfect blend of nostalgia for fans of the original film and a fresh new experience for younger audiences. The show’s universal themes of adventure, family, and altering one’s destiny resonate across generations, making it a must-see for anyone visiting New York City.

As “Back to the Future” continues to thrill audiences at the Winter Garden Theatre, the cast and crew’s passion and talent ensure that each performance is memorable. This musical adaptation highlights the timeless appeal of the story and its characters, promising an exciting theater experience for all who attend.

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