The Astoria Comedy Club


WED thru SUN open at 12PM

Age Limit

For 16+


QED is on the ground floor with no stairs with a large ADA-compliant restroom

Experience the laughter at The Astoria Comedy Club. Join us for a night of hilarious stand-up performances and non-stop entertainment.


21-27, 23rd Avenue, New York, 11105

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(347) 451 3873

Getting There

Head northwest on Broadway, then turning left onto Park Row. Next, take the Brooklyn Bridge ramp toward Kennedy Airport/LaGuardia Airport, continue onto Brooklyn Bridge, merge onto Adams St/Brooklyn Bridge Blvd, and turn left onto Tillary St. Then, take the I-278 E/Brooklyn-Queens Expressway ramp on the left to Triboro Bridge, merge onto I-278 E, and follow signs for Bronx/Queens. Keep left to stay on I-278 E, follow signs for Robert F. Kennedy Bridge/Bronx, and take the exit toward I-278/Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (toll road). Continue onto I-278 E, take exit 45 toward 31 St, merge onto Hoyt Ave N/I-278 Truck, and turn right onto 28th St. Finally, turn left onto 23rd Ave, where the destination will be on the left.


21-27, 23rd Avenue, New York, 11105

Get Directions

The Astoria Comedy Club in New York City is a popular hangout for laughing lovers and comedy fans. This club, located in the bustling district of Astoria, Queens, has established a fantastic reputation for its outstanding comedy performances and inviting atmosphere.

The Astoria Comedy Club, founded to give a platform for seasoned comedians and developing talent, features a diversified variety of performances to suit a wide range of comic interests. From stand-up to improv, sketch comedy to variety performances, there is something for everyone under one roof.


A Haven of Charm and Camaraderie

Nestled in the city’s center, this club emits an alluring allure, enticing customers with its intimate setting and kind embrace. Like a loving hug, the close environment fosters an unrivaled relationship between artists and audience members. Laughter resonates off the walls, mingling with shared anecdotes and spontaneous applause to create an energetic and camaraderie-filled atmosphere.

As the evening progresses, strangers become friends, bonded by the moment’s beauty. Memories are formed in this close-knit atmosphere, etching themselves into the collective consciousness of those who participate in its grandeur, guaranteeing that each night is more than simply an event, but an experience to be treasured for a lifetime.


The Astoria Comedy Club’s Commitment to Inclusivity and Social Change

Furthermore, The Astoria Comedy Club is a bastion of laughter, celebrating the rich tapestry of comedic talent. With a steadfast dedication to spotlighting a kaleidoscope of voices and viewpoints, the club serves as a welcoming haven for seasoned performers and rising stars. Its stage pulsates with the energy of inclusivity, inviting comedians from all walks of life to share their unique narratives and perspectives, fostering an environment where diversity thrives and stereotypes are shattered.
This commitment to embracing difference entertains and educates, challenging audiences to confront societal norms with laughter as their guide. The Astoria Comedy Club has emerged as a powerful force for social change through its unwavering advocacy for representation. It unites individuals under the universal language of humor to champion equality and acceptance in an ever-evolving world.

Discover the Essence of NYC Comedy at The Astoria Comedy Club

Whether you’re a seasoned New Yorker or a wide-eyed tourist exploring the city that never sleeps, The Astoria Comedy Club beckons with the promise of an evening teeming with contagious laughter, boundless joy, and an air thick with the anticipation of unexpected comedic brilliance, situated in the heart of the bustling metropolis, this iconic venue stands as a testament to the vibrant spirit of New York City’s entertainment scene.
So grab a drink, settle into your seat, and prepare to embark on a journey into the heart of New York City’s vibrant comedy scene. Because at The Astoria Comedy Club, the only thing better than the jokes themselves is the unforgettable memories you’ll create along the way.
  • The Astoria Comedy Club in New York City is where laughter rules!
  • Unforgettable comedy in an intimate Astoria setting.
  • Prepare to laugh until you cry at Astoria Comedy Club!
  • Diverse talent and countless laughs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: we’re an amazing little venue with over 80 events a month, which include shows, screenings, mics, classes and so much more. Plus we have a bar/café & well-curated book & gift shop that you’ll love.

We are an adult space for humans aged 16+. Those under 18 *must* be accompanied by an adult. If you’d like to bring someone younger, please email us at [email protected] for pre-approval. Some shows just aren’t right, ya know?

It’s generally a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes before any show to make sure you’re checked-in, get a refreshment and the seat you’d like. We are a small space and fill up fast, especially for sold out shows! We start promptly & run a tight ship!