South Street Seaport 


Open on Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm


Approximately 2 Hours


Ramps are available for going to the port and as you onboard the boat for tours.

Uncover the history of South Street Seaport. Visit the museums, enjoy the views, and soak in the maritime atmosphere.


12, Fulton Street, New York, New York, 10038

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(212) 732 8257

Getting There

By subway: Take the A, C, 2, 3, J, Z, 4, or 5 train to Fulton Street.

By bus: Take the M-15 SBS or M-15 to Fulton Street.

By water: The NYC Ferry, and New York Waterway provide service to Pier 11. The Staten Island Ferry provides services to Whitehall Terminal.


12, Fulton Street, New York, New York, 10038

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South Street Seaport, located on Manhattan’s southern edge, is a historical landmark that captures New York City’s nautical legacy. This historic region allows tourists to journey through time, combining old-world beauty with modern attractions.

South Street Seaport’s cobblestone lanes are dotted with 19th-century structures, harkening back to the area’s thriving past as a shipping, trading, and commerce center. Today, these structures host a thriving mix of stores, restaurants, and cultural activities, creating a beautiful mixture of the past and present.


Seaport Museum

Discover the Seaport Museum, a fascinating tour through maritime history and the evolution of the city’s waterfront. Engaging displays tell adventure stories and ancient ships docked along the pier provide a physical link to the seafaring past. Visitors are encouraged to board these vessels and immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of life at sea.


A Fusion of History, Culture, and Contemporary Charm

South Street Seaport flourishes as a vibrant cultural hub, nestled inside its historical framework. Beyond its illustrious history, it offers a current tapestry of experiences, from various eating options including fresh seafood against the waterfront backdrop to an eclectic mix of craft stores.

Its attractiveness grows with numerous entertainment choices and breathtaking views of the East River and the landmark Brooklyn Bridge. Amidst the marine environment, visitors may immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of sights, sounds, and flavors, providing an amazing experience for every palate and inclination.


Sailing Through Time

As the sun slowly lowers, coloring the sky in shades of orange and pink, South Street Seaport emerges as a timeless symbol of New York City’s nautical legacy. This historic quarter, illuminated by shimmering city lights, captures the sense of bygone ages while integrating effortlessly into the present cityscape.

With its cobblestone lanes, renovated 19th-century buildings, and towering tall ships stationed along the waterfront, South Street Seaport takes you on a riveting historical trip. From visiting the busy marketplace to seeing the marine museum, every nook evokes nostalgia and adventure. Embrace the enchantment of South Street Seaport, where the old and contemporary coexist in perfect harmony.


The Timeless Waters of South Street Seaport

South Street Seaport represents the everlasting spirit of New York City’s maritime tradition. Its cobblestone alleyways and 19th-century buildings transport visitors back to the city’s bustling past, while modern attractions revitalize this historic quarter. From discovering maritime history at the Seaport Museum to sampling gastronomic pleasures along the waterfront, South Street Seaport provides a diverse experience that bridges the gap between old and contemporary.

As the day changes to night, the Seaport’s unique atmosphere continues to capture tourists, demonstrating the continuing fascination of New York’s nautical legacy. Embrace the allure of South Street Seaport, where history, culture, and contemporary blend together.


  • Explore cobblestone streets and historical landmarks.
  • Taste the Sea: Enjoy fresh seafood and seaside vistas.
  • Dive into adventure by visiting the Seaport Museum, which houses antique ships.
  • A Mix of Past and Present: Enjoy the beauty of old New York combined with new attractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for the Seaport Insider program, you must live or work near the Seaport, in any of the following zip codes: 10013, 10002, 10004, 10005, 10006, 10007, 10038, 10280

All guests must check-in for the scheduled tour at the red tent located at the far east end of Pier 16 at Fulton and South Streets. You will be handed a boarding pass, which is your ticket to the vessel. Please follow the times outlined below for your check-in and boarding.

Please note that if you do not check in before your “Check In Ends” time, your tickets will be forfeited and available to those on standby.

Boarding the vessel requires climbing angled gangways and a step up and over the side of the vessel from a floating dock. Museum staff and crew will be available to assist you with the boarding process.